Certificate Program

The Australian Natural Horsemanship Certificate Program has been designed as a step by step approach to help students with the training and education of their horse using natural methods. Whether your interest be western or english, cow horse or breeding, this Certificate Program will provide you and your horse with an excellent base from which to begin either your competition or simply a safer and more joyful experience together.

The Centre offers a four stage Certificate Course in Natural Horsemanship which assists students in take a balanced approach to their learning.

The program consists four stages from Certificate one through to Certificate four and completion of each stage will lead in a natural progression to the next Certificate. The aim being to complete all of the tasks with your horse remaining soft, flexible and relaxed throughout. Each Certificate consists of a Ground Skills Section and a Riding Skills Section. Completed correctly the Ground Skills section will ensure the easiest and safest path to completing the Riding Skills section of each Certificate.

Students may choose to be assessed by an instructor and will be issued a Certificate upon completion of each stage, or they may choose just to use the program as a personal training tool to check the progress of their partnership with their horse.

Students who wish to book assessments can contact any of the Australian Natural Horsemanship Instructors.

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